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Brazil Nuts: an insane journey through the world of Brazilian politics is a weekly podcast I've started with my Welsh friend Gareth Davies. It is available on all listening platforms and on YouTube. Click here or on the image to know more.

CN News, Revista Eletrônica Cidade & Negócios. On electoral administration in Brazil. 14 September 2022.

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Opinião, Rede Minas. On changes in electoral law and financing. 17 September 2019.

Politiqueijo. "Does feminism want to put an end to men?" 29 January 2020.

Link to podcast here.


Podcast host for Larvas Incendiadas with guest Clarisse Paradis. "Institutional mechanisms on policies for women". 3 March 2019.

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Voz Ativa, Rede Minas, on women in politics. 3 September 2018.

Print and radio interviews:


Print interview. Nexo Jornal, on the anti-monarchist movement in the UK.

Print interview. Nexo Jornal, on the cost of living crisis in the UK.


Print interview. Estado de Minas, on possible changes to the Brazilian electoral system and its likely impact on marginalised populations.


Print interview. G1, on the number of women in Brazilian municipal cabinets.

Print interview. BHAZ, on political violence against women candidates in the 2020 elections.


Blog post. Political Studies Association. Getting data is hard to do. 24 September.

Radio interview. UFMG Educadora, on a new women’s issues committee in the municipal legislative. 

Print interview. Gênero e Número, on the lack of women in positions of power in Brazilian legislative institutions.


Print interview. Brasil de Fato MG, on election results. 16 October.


Radio interview. Brasil de Fato MG – Rádio Favela, on election results. 13 October.


TV interview. Brasil em Rede nightly news, Rede Minas, on election results. 11 October.


Radio interview. Jornal da Inconfidência, Inconfidência, on election results. 09 October.


Radio roundtable. Radiografia, Inconfidência, on election results. 07 October.


Blog post. Political Studies Association. Gendered violence in a coup d’état. 25 September.


Print interview. Debate na Ciência Política repercute 'consequências de um golpe velado'. UFMG Notícias. 11 May.


Editorial. Revista Brasil Debate. Desde o século 19, as brasileiras lutam por direitos políticos. 3 March.



Print interview. Estado de Minas. Resistência contra intolerância. 31 December. (Link goes to excerpt)



Editorial. Revista Brasil Debate. Primavera feminista: começa o levante contra Cunha. 6 November.

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