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Guest lectures/seminars


Ukraine: a gendered analysis of the war. Lecture for the War & Conflict Master's module by Giada Lagana, Cardiff University. 2023.

Add LGBTQI+ and stir. Teach-out for the University and College Union, Cardiff branch, on the lack of data for LGBTQI+ groups. Cardiff, 2023.

Qualitative analysis on Atlas.ti. Lecture for the Qualitative methodology class, Public Management undergraduate programme, Letícia Godinho and Marcus Vinícius Cruz. João Pinheiro Foundation, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2020.






Clarice’s Brazil. Lecture for the Modernisms class, School of Communication programme, Adrian Markle. Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK. 2020.

Gender and race in political science. Lecture for the Contemporary Politics class, Social Sciences program, Professor Mario Fuks. . Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2019.

Practice in theory and theory in practice: critical readings in Political Science. Opening lecture for the free-standing course Thought in Movement, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2019.

Demystifying feminism. Firefighters Academy of Minas Gerais. 2018.

The 2016 coup: evidence of a backlash against women, feminism, and gender equality. The consequences of a veiled coup: marginalised peoples, gender, and media. Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2018.

Differences in electoral systems – a gendered and raced perspective. University of Lusophone Afro-Brazilian International Integration. 2018.

Are women for women in politics? Women Should Be Both Seen & Heard seminar series, Trinity College, Dublin. 2017.

Electoral systems and its effects on political minorities. Student occupied Institute for Exact Sciences and Nursing School, Federal University of Minas Gerais. 2016.

Gender and Brazilian political institutions. National Programme for Technical Schooling and Employment at the Dandara Occupation. 2016.

Women’s participation in Brazilian politics. Commerce Workers’ Union of Montes Claros, Brazil. 2016.

Women in politics, occupying space and power. Federation of Commerce Workers of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2016.

Institutional tools for informal obstacles: increasing female participation in politics. State Assembly of Minas Gerais’s event Political Reform, Gender Equality and Participation: What the Women of Minas Want. 2015.

Consequences of the violence against women in the context of the Law Maria da Penha. João Pinheiro Foundation, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 2013.

Paper Presentations

Salve-se quem puder - combate à pandemia de COVID-19 em Minas Gerais. With Thiago Silame and Helga Almeida. 13th Brazilian Political Science Association Conference (online). Forthcoming. 2022.

In English: Each person for themselves – combatting the COVID-19 pandemic in Minas Gerais.

Fazendo campanha política com 280 caracteres: Padrões e tendências do uso do Twitter nas eleições para as prefeituras brasileiras em 2020. With Helga Almeida, Mario Dias, and  Raquel de Souza. 5th International Participation, Democracy, and Public Policies Conference, Brazil (hybrid). 2022.

In English: ‘Campaigning with 240 characters: Patterns and trends in Twitter usage in elections for Brazilian capitals’

Hegemonic feminist discourses and women's substantive representationPolitical Studies Association, Early Career Network, #BecauseTheInternet Conference. 2020. 

The Parliamentary Coup Against President Dilma Rousseff: A Case Study of Violence Against Women in Politics. Written with Helga Almeida and Clarisse Paradis. Women’s Spring: Feminism, Nationalism and Civil Disobedience Conference (University of Central Lancashire); Political Studies Association Early Career Network’s Annual Conference (University of Sheffield). 2018.

Where there’s a way, there isn’t always a will: studying the Brazilian Women’s Caucus. Latin American Studies Association Conference (Barcelona). 2018.

Where there’s a will, there isn’t always a way: the case of the Brazilian Women’s Caucus.  Understanding Institutional Change (University of Manchester); Political Studies Association 67th Annual Conference (Glasgow, University of Strathclyde); ATGender Spring Conference (University of Vilnius); 5th European Gender and Politics Conference (University of Lausanne); 4th Standing Group on Parliaments Conference (University of Basel); Uppsala University’s lunchtime research seminar. 2017.

Improving the conditions for women’s participation: the trajectory of constitutional amendment. Written with Clarisse Paradis. Understanding Institutional Change (University of Manchester); Political Studies Association 67th Annual Conference (Glasgow, University of Strathclyde). 2017.

Gender Differences in Local Executives: Public Policy and Intergovernmental Transfers in a Brazilian state. Written with Tatiana Goulart. Political Studies Association 67th Annual Conference (Glasgow, University of Strathclyde); ATGender Spring Conference (University of Vilnius); Gender and the Political Academy (Cambridge University). 2017.

The impact of political trajectories on voting: a study of female candidates for a state legislature in Brazil. V Congreso Uruguayo de Ciencia Política - ¿Qué Ciencia Política para qué Democracia?, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2014.

Marx and the Revolution of 1848 in Germany.  Fifth Marx and Engels Colloquium (University of Campinas); Scientific Initiation Week at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. 2007.

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